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Saya Piazza - Premium Retail Destination in Noida Expressway

premium retail shop in Noida Expressway Noida Expressway


Saya Piazza is a premium retail arcade located in Sector 131 on Noida Expressway, designed to redefine the shopping experience. This majestic shopping destination is strategically positioned near a catchment area of over 50,000 families, making it a vibrant and bustling hub for shoppers. The mall boasts a stunning facade and luxurious interiors, offering an atmosphere of grandeur and sophistication. Saya Piazza is set to become the epitome of leisure and commercial activities, offering a shopping experience that is truly exceptional.


  • Saya Piazza
    Planned Development: Saya Piazza is part of a vast 1,000+ acre planned development, ensuring holistic urban development.
  • Saya Piazza
    Proximity to Families: The mall is situated in close proximity to over 50,000 families, making it an ideal location for businesses to thrive.
  • Saya Piazza
    Golf Course: Noted for its grandeur and natural beauty, Saya Piazza is home to one of the largest golf courses in the vicinity.
  • Saya Piazza
    Estimated Footfall: With more than 2 lakh estimated visitors, Saya Piazza is set to attract a bustling high street market for various utilities and services.
  • Saya Piazza
    Construction: The construction is in full swing, ensuring a modern and reliable grid of commercial structures with fast construction and flexible design.
  • Saya Piazza
    Corporate Hubs: Major corporate hubs are just a short drive away, promising increased returns for businesses located at Saya Piazza.
  • Saya Piazza
    Proximity to Amenities: The mall is conveniently located in close proximity to world-class hospitals and schools, providing easy access to essential amenities and fostering a healthy and growing community.


  • Extensive selection of stores
  • Luxurious ambience
  • One-stop shopping destination
  • Home essentials and fashion choices
  • Premium retail experience

Why Live at SAYA PIAZZA:

  • Proximity to a thriving neighborhood with over 50,000 families, providing a scale of opportunities for businesses.
  • Access to one of the biggest golf courses in the vicinity, ensuring a beautiful and serene environment.
  • High estimated footfall, guaranteeing a bustling market for various services and utilities.
  • Convenient access to major corporate hubs, increasing business opportunities.
  • Easy access to world-class hospitals and schools, contributing to a healthy and growing community.




What is the location of Saya Piazza?

Saya Piazza is located in Sector 131 on Noida Expressway, providing a prime and easily accessible location for shoppers and businesses.

What makes Saya Piazza stand out from other shopping destinations?

Saya Piazza distinguishes itself with its premium retail experience, luxurious ambiance, and a vast selection of stores, making it a one-stop shopping destination that goes beyond the ordinary.

How many families live in the nearby catchment area of Saya Piazza?

Saya Piazza is strategically located near a catchment area of over 50,000 families, ensuring a bustling and vibrant hub for businesses and shoppers.

Are there any recreational amenities at Saya Piazza?

Saya Piazza boasts one of the largest golf courses in its vicinity, providing a beautiful and serene environment for visitors and patrons.

How close is Saya Piazza to major corporate hubs?

Saya Piazza is conveniently located just a short drive away from major corporate locations, which means businesses in the vicinity can benefit from increased returns and opportunities.